Buddhafield, near Taunton, Somerset, UK

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Droyt soap company – Chorley

I went to visit the Droyt soap company in Chorley, Lancashire which is run by a new friend and I was totally blown away. It was like stepping right back in time, Dickensian times even. The building, the office but above all the factory itself, the machines in use (1920s) and the factory uniforms the employees used (long blue coats and little white hats) just kept me walking about agog. I felt terribly fortunate to be able to meander among rows after rows of translucent and beautifully coloured bars of soap being hand polished by the young girls working there. There’s also the cutting, the stamping and the wrapping station, not to forget the big hot vats where the liquid soap bubbles away…

I will go again to take more photographs as the whole place really deserves to be seen widely. It has been photographed many times and the girls exclaimed “Oh not again!” when I asked if they minded being on some of the images. But I’ve never seen any images of it anywhere.

So I will posting quite a few here and on Flickr!