About ☆ MagicAperture

I was born Philippe Mion, in Paris, France. I moved to London when I was 22 and had no idea I would be staying! I moved to Manchester 4 years later and came across some really nice people who were Buddhists. I joined the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2001 and became Vibhuti. Buddhism is a way of life; it helps me grow and gives me a healthy perspective on life. I now work as a Mental Health Nurse and I have a 6 year old daughter (and lots of photographs of her!) I live in Lancashire with my partner Kathryn. I've always enjoyed photography and taken many photographs over the years, I used to develop my own images in the dark room and even had a go at Lith printing (after going to an exhibition of Anton Corbijn's work in manchester). These days obviously I use digital equipment and I love my Mac, Aperture, Nik Software and spending time editing my shots to make them look at their best.


Hi there lovely wordpress people!

I’ve recently acquired the awesome Fujifilm XT1 with some awesome lenses and I look forward to shooting lovely stuff to post here. I’ve not posted anything in a very long time…

So here is a shot of Pippa, our rescue patterdoodle with my 35mm f1.4 – look at that bokeh! creamy lovely yummy!