Here’s why I’ve not posted anything for ages

I sold ALL my DSLR gear, camera, lenses, backpack, filters, battery grip, the lot.

My recent experience of being in Florence, Italy, was frustrating with my heavy camera, having to change lenses, etc…

I decided I needed a different kind of camera. Looking at my images I also realised I do not actually need a zoom lens as I used to almost always shoot with my 28mm fixed lens.

SO HERE IT IS: the Fujinon Finepix X100 is now MINE!

I researched extensively before stopping at this one but the reviews were simply awe inspiring, the capabilities of this little camera are outstanding so I took the plunge. I even bought a 3 year warranty with it to show I’m serious!

Here is a review.

The leather case you see here I bought from an artisan in Japan who make all his cases by hand, a very beautiful piece of work…

If  you’re interested, they are made by Mr Rikuo Nakamura, and this is his website.

So I should soon be posting new images!


13 thoughts on “Here’s why I’ve not posted anything for ages

  1. Welcome back! I was worried for a while lol! Can’t wait to see some new shots with your awesome camera 🙂 You should name it, just a suggestion 😉 HAHA! My Canon’s name is Frank, I’m super creative lol 😛

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing how you go with this camera. You are the third person I know who has got one. I would find it too limiting I think. Though I have been thinking about buying one fixed lens to try it out. Maybe I should have asked what gear you were selling?

    • I actually find it quite liberating (and invigorating) to have to move forward or backward or think of a different way of shooting a particular scene rather than relying on a zoom. It’s also a lot lens gear to lug around.

  3. Thanks for coming by and liking my post at LoveMore Studio– that camera looks incredible. I’ve had trouble with moisture in the lens of my DSLR and use a point and shoot exclusively– maybe someday I’ll need to look into a machine like this! I look forward to seeing your images~ Peace, Jason

    • You’re welcome and thanks for commenting on mine! I have no regrets swapping for this camera. It’s lightweight, very discreet and the IQ is outstanding. I’m in love!

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