Still life attempt

Above is the original shot of my first proper “still life”. I’ve been inspired reading Leanne’s blog and I thought I’d have a go myself. I liked the result, clear and simple.

Then I thought I’d want to give it that look which I’ve started to give to my other images which is basically about darkening the surrounding area. It emphasises the subject matter. Here it is below:

I liked that too and then I thought I’d want to give it age and “je ne sais quoi”, so after a little photoshop magic, here it is:

still life

By the way Leanne, if you read this, I came across this amazing group on flickr which you might want to go and check out 😉


3 thoughts on “Still life attempt

  1. Thanks for the mention. I went to that group, so great shots there. Nice to know that others are doing them as well.
    Your first attempts are good, did you enjoy doing them, are we going to see more?

    • Yes I have enjoyed the set up (I didn’t have a great choice of stuff to choose from) and I will do more sets – not sure about the classic theme of still life (jugs, bread, fruit, veg type thing). I’ve just shot some images of a Buddha statue of mine with my brand new 70-200 f4L (!!!)
      So I’ll be editing that soon and posting one or two.
      I think it’s the idea of really preparing a set for a shoot that I’m starting to find exciting. The sort of stuff that your blog tells me you’re already quite used to!

      • Hey that’s cool. It is great to do because, you still think about it heaps, but you can do it from home. I have so many teapots, teacups and other stuff, that I have lots of choice.

        You don’t need to do the traditional, and doing your own theme is great, I do mine with the sets of things like the teacup ballet. Doing things in the traditional way can be good because you can imitate and learn, but ultimately you want to find your own thing.

        I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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