Le nombril de Phoebe – Lith style

Like I say in the little blurb about myself, I used to develop my own prints in the darkroom many years ago and I had a go at Lith Printing. Fantastic, time consuming, very rewarding magic that gives your monochrome prints  a very grainy, dreamy, contrasty feel. I have been trying to emulate this with digital techniques for some time.

There are some artists out there who still  print that way, maybe the most famous of all is Anton Corbijn whom I met once in Manchester when he exhibited in a new Art Gallery in the Northern Quarter. I was struck by his portraits and he told me about Lith Printing.

Lots of people have tried to develop techniques to reproduce the effects of lith prints with digital techniques, some more successful than others. I’ve only just come across Andy Beel who commented on one of my images. He’s got some good techniques, check him out.

Anyway, here is a close up of my 6 year old daughter’s belly button and I attempted to give it the Lith treatment.

Le nombril de Phoebe - Lith style


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