Aaaahhh…. Venice

A very very crisp, bright and beautifully lit Venice during the Christmas season.

I love this city, I wish I could go every year!


7 thoughts on “Aaaahhh…. Venice

  1. Venice is just a beautiful place. Is one place on my bucket list! I tried to book a trip on the time of their Venice festival just to photograph the masks and outfits but it was so expensive plus when I read of how many people attend that festival I was like, mmmmm don’t think so! lol lol.

    • I wouldn’t go for the masks. In my view Venice is the prefect place to get lost in! All the canals and the architecture keep you walking in amazement for hours and hours. Splendid.

  2. Oh no, It wouldn’t be only for the mask! Are you kidding me, I probably ignore the masks and get totally lost! Then tell people, oh by the way, I live in Venice! lol lol

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