Sarlat La Caneda – Dordogne – France


A Buddhist ritual

On January 4th 2012, somes ashes of Dhardo Rimpoche (1917-1990) were enshrined in a stupa on top of a hill in Snowdonia, near Elephant Mountain, Wales.

Participating in the ritual were Suvajra, Mokshapriya, Priyavadita, Mokshajyoti and Vibhuti (behind the camera).

Some weeks later, Khenchen Lama Rinpoche named the stupa Kunzang Chorten.  Chorten is the tibetan word for a stupa.  Kunzang is the common shortening of Kuntu-zang-po which in Sanskrit is Samantabhadra (The All-Good).  Samantabhadra of course rides on the back of an elephant so Lama-la was thinking it has to be Kunzang Chorten on the side of Elephant Mountain.  There is another Elephant Mountain in China and no doubt it must have stupas on it too as it is a place of pilgrimage.